Research papers

Strategic affairs

  1. Is India ready for the Indo-Pacific? [with Harsh V. Pant], The Washington Quarterly 41:2 (2018): 47-61 [pdf, link].
  2. Reclaiming the Indo-Pacific: A political-military strategy for quad 2.0, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 147, March 2018 [pdf, link].
  3. India’s joint doctrine: A lost opportunity [with Shashank Joshi], Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 139, January 2018 [pdf, link].
  4. Beyond India’s quest for a neoliberal order, The Washington Quarterly 40:2 (2017): 145-161 [pdf, link].
  5. The strategist: how Abu Mus’ab al-Suri inspired ISIS, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 96, August 2016 [pdflink].
  6. Games Pakistanis play, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 91, May 2016 [pdflink].
  7. A geoeconomic strategy for the new normal, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 89, February 2016 [pdflink].
  8. Will Xi adopt Keynes? Post-2015 military spending and economic growth in China, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 85, January 2016 [pdflink].

Mathematics and theoretical physics

  1. Ranks of gauge groups and an NP-complete problem on the Landscape [arXiv:1212.3912]
  2. Dimension, divergence and desingularization [arXiv:1209.1257]
  3. Motives: an introductory survey for physicists [with Matilde Marcolli]. Contemporary Mathematics, 539, 377- 415, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2011 [pdf, link].
  4. Turing’s Landscape: Decidability, computability and complexity in string theory [arXiv:0909.1869]
  5. Supermanifolds from Feynman graphs [with Matilde Marcolli]. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41:315402, 2008 [pdf, link].
  6. C*-algebra approach to quantum SU(2) groups [pdf]. Master of Science Thesis, University of Connecticut, 2005.

Complex systems

  1. Modelling systemic risks in financial markets [SSRN]. 9th Global TACTICS, Tata Consultancy Services, 2013.
  2. A dynamical similarity approach to the foundations of complexity and coordination in multiscale systems [arXiv:q-bio/0403026]. University Scholar Thesis, University of Connecticut, 2003.

Essays, reports, and briefs

  1. The sobering arithmetic of a two-front war, Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 67, July 2018.
  2. Beyond JCPOA: Examining the consequences of US withdrawal [co-edited with Harsh V. Pant], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 63, July 2018.
  3. Pakistan’s sea-based nuclear deterrent and its asymmetric escalation strategy, Observer Research Foundation Issue Brief No. 240, May 2018.
  4. The New Great Game: China and the intense maritime contest in Indo-Pacific region, Swarajya, April 2018. Also available online here.
  5. Revolutionary Road: Indo-Pacific in Transition, 2018 Raisina Files: Debating Disruption in the World Order, Observer Research Foundation, January 2018 [book].
  6. Space crises in a multipolar world: lessons from a simulation exercise [with Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 58, February 2018.
  7. Political and economic governance [with Samir Saran], Realising the BRICS Long-Term Goals: Road-Maps and Pathways — A Proposal by the BRICS Think-Tank Council, August 2017 [book].
  8. The four faces of 21-st century Asian geopolitics, Observer Research Foundation Issue Brief No. 178, May 2017.
  9. In search of China’s grand strategy, ORF Expert Speak | Raisina Debates, April 19, 2017.
  10. India is not changing its policy of no first use of nuclear weapons, War on the Rocks, March 29, 2017.
  11. Getting India’s world right, Swarajya, March 2017. Also available online here.
  12. Thomas Schelling and the Golden Age of American strategy, ORF Expert Speak| Atlantic Files, December 19, 2016. (Reprinted in Swarajya, December 22, 2016.)
  13. The other legacy of Robert McNamara, War on the Rocks, June 10, 2016.
  14. The new economy of climate change, Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 12, April 2016.
  15. BRICS to rebuild the house [with Samir Saran], ORF Primer 2016, ed. Ritika Passi, Observer Research Foundation, April 2016 [book].
  16. Asian connectivity and its geoeconomic imperatives, 2016 Raisina Files: Connecting Asia, Observer Research Foundation, March 2016 [book]. Also in Firstpost, March 1, 2016.
  17. Balance in a tilted, technicolour world [with Samir Saran],  2016 Raisina Files: Connecting Asia, Observer Research Foundation, March 2016 [book]. Also in Firstpost, March 1, 2016.
  18. Navigating the changing geoeconomic landscape [with Prashant Kumar], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 8, January 2016.
  19. The road from Bandung: India and Africa in the evolving global order, Common Futures: India and Africa in Partnership, eds. Abhijnan Rej and Tanoubi Ngangom, Observer Research Foundation, October 2015 [book].
  20. The evolution of global risks: The first decade of World Economic Forum Global Risks Reports, Global Policy, June 25, 2015.
  21. Emerging from debt, creating jobs: Lessons from Greece, JustJobs Network, July 2015. [This report was featured in The Nation and Kathimerini.]
  22. Is Australia safe from the dark side of high frequency trading?, Tata Consultancy Services White Paper Series, June 2013.
  23. Resizing Osama bin Laden, Open, Web Exclusive: April 30, 2012. Print: May 14, 2012.

Analysis, opinion, and book reviews

  1. The foreign policy legacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mint, August 20, 2018.
  2. India’s rocky road to the Indo-Pacific [with Harsh V. Pant], ORF commentary, August 2, 2018.
  3. For BRICS to Reshape World Order, Should Avoid Anti-West Politics, Quint, July 28, 2018.
  4. Whither India in the Indo-Pacific? [with Tuneer Mukherjee], Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), June 4, 2018.
  5. Why New Delhi welcomes a can-do Canberra [with Aakriti Bachhawat], Mint, March 26, 2018.
  6. The game of chicken in the Arabian Sea [with Abhijit Singh], Mint, February 22, 2018.
  7. Trump’s new national security strategy: The good, the bad and the complicated for New Delhi, Times of India, December 21, 2017.
  8. ‘2020: World of War’ creates scenarios to depict a world on the edge, ThePrint, November 25, 2017.
  9. What China does when it disagrees with you, Mint, November 23, 2017.
  10. How India Thinks About The World Through Ideas And Reality, Swarajya, September 23, 2017.
  11. India’s clever use of the Brics card in Dokalam, Mint, August 31, 2017.
  12. Beyond Doklam: India needs to overhaul its trade-friendly grand strategy on China, ThePrint, August 22, 2017.
  13. Deadlock over Doklam: The Sino-Indian standoff in Bhutan, IAPS Dialogue, July 8, 2017.
  14. Why Doklam and Bhutan matter, Hindustan Times, July 4, 2017.
  15. The rise of null politics, Asian Age, March 15, 2017.
  16. The Hamlet question returns: Is Donald Trump merely playing crazy or. . .?, Swarajya, February 24, 2017.
  17. India and China: Does the Elephant read the Dragon right?, Swarajya, February 3, 2017.
  18. Trump and the techie, ABPLive, February 1, 2017.
  19. Donald Trump is no liberal — but not a realist either, Swarajya, January 31, 2017.
  20. Predicting what American foreign policy will look like under the Mattis-Trump combine, Firstpost, January 13, 2017
  21. Pakistan tests Babur III missile: How should India interpret this latest move?, Firstpost, January 10, 2017.
  22. Turkey is the canary in the coal mine, forecasting whether the West-led liberal order has a future, Times of India, December 22, 2016.
  23. US President-elect Donald Trump’s generals Part 3: John Kelly and the narco-terror nexus, Firstpost, December 21, 2016.
  24. Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated: What does this mean for regional stability?, Firstpost, December 20, 2016.
  25. US President-elect Donald Trump’s generals Part 2: Michael Flynn’s war on Islamism, Firstpost, December 19, 2016.
  26. US President-elect Donald Trump’s generals Part 1: Why 9/11 will shape what follows 11/9, Firstpost, November 30, 2016.
  27. Motormouth Manohar Parrikar almost nukes India’s NSG bid with needless boast, Firstpost, November 11, 2016.
  28. US elects Donald Trump as President: How he handles China, Russia will be interesting, Firstpost, November 9, 2016.
  29. At the middle kingdom’s core: Xi Jinping anointed “core” Chinese leader but his strategy reveals a contradiction, Times of India, November 1, 2016.
  30. Month after surgical strikes: Appraisal of India’s new strategy of dealing with Pakistan, Firstpost, October 28, 2016
  31. MNS’ aggressive stand can wreck PM Narendra Modi’s new Pakistan policy, Firstpost, October 25, 2016.
  32. Brics Summit: India must bide time to deal with China as relationship with Pakistan hit a new low, Firstpost, October 14, 2016.
  33. The alphabet soup in Goa [with Samir Saran], Hindu, October 13, 2016.
  34. Surgical strikes along LoC puts South Asia on cusp of new India-Pakistan dynamic, Firstpost, September 30, 2016.
  35. Indian Army attack across LoC using surgical strikes meant to probe Pakistan’s threshold for escalation, Firstpost, September 29, 2016.
  36. Brics Summit in Goa: Ahead of 8th conference, the bloc must focus on institution-building [with Samir Saran], Firstpost, September 19, 2016.
  37. Situating the Uri terror attack within Pakistan’s strategy of provocation and escalation, Firstpost, September 19, 2016.
  38. BRICS, globalisms, and the return of the state [with Samir Saran], ORF Expert Speak| Raisina Debates, August 31, 2016. (Shorter version in the Economic Times, August 31, 2016.)
  39. Narendra Modi’s Independence Day take on Balochistan is a foreign policy milestone, Firstpost, August 16, 2016.
  40. On Independence Day, Narendra Modi pokes Pakistan with Baloch, Gilgit, PoK: Big shift, Firstpost, August 15, 2016.
  41. Al-Qaeda 2.o? Meet Abu Mus’ab al-Suri and his grand strategy for the Islamic State, Firstpost, August 8, 2016.
  42. Geopolitics and geoeconomics – India’s tightrope, The Interpreter, July 28, 2016.
  43. Getting real about the Middle Kingdom, ORF Expert Speak|Raisina Debates, July 21, 2016.
  44. India would win with Trump, National Interest, May 26, 2016.
  45. Policy short-sightedness exacerbates India’s water crisis [with Samir Saran], The Interpreter, May 6, 2016.
  46. Banning surge pricing is bad economics [with Prashant Kumar], Business Standard, April 22, 2016.
  47. Building new alliances with BRICS [with Samir Saran], The Hindu, March 25, 2016.
  48. The JNU fracas is actually a crisis for the Right, Scroll, February 21, 2016.
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Edited volume

Common Futures: India and Africa in Partnership, with Tanoubi Ngangom, Observer Research Foundation, October 2015. ISBN: 978-81-86818-13-8.