About me


I am currently a Fellow in the Strategic Studies Programme at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. I have also been associated with ORF’s Global Governance Programme in the past. I have broad research interests spanning international relations, international security, and Indian foreign policy.

On the foreign-relations side, I work on Indian grand strategy, great-power politics and the future of the international order, and geoeconomics. On the strategic side, I work on Indian national security problems related to China, Pakistan, terrorism, as well as conceptual issues in security studies. I often try to derive policy insights from theories of international politics, quantitative and formal methods, and simulations and table-top exercises. I also have professional experience as a policy economist.

My career trajectory thus far has spanned academia, the corporate world, and public policy. It has included past positions as the resident Economist at the JustJobs Network, as a Scientist at the TCS CTO Quantitative Finance Group, and as Visiting Faculty at the Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar.

I have written about geopolitics, security, and economic issues for various media outlets — including ones that people actually read. I have also participated in a variety of Track 1.5 and Track 2 diplomatic dialogues, and have provided (solicited) policy inputs to the Government of India.

I was educated as a mathematical physicist in Connecticut, Boston, and Bonn and was a researcher at the interface of modern geometry and high-energy physics in Toronto before transitioning to more practical things. My academic awards have included the designations of University Scholar (University of Connecticut, 2003), Presidential Fellow of the Graduate School (Boston University, 2005), Marie Curie Early-Stage Research Fellow (European Commission, 2007) and Junior Research Scholar (Clay Mathematics Institute, 2008).