About me

I am a Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, a public-policy think tank. I am associated with the Foundation’s Global Governance and Strategic Studies programmes. I have broad research interests spanning international relations, international security, and Indian foreign policy.

On the foreign-relations side, I work on Indian grand strategy, global governance and the future of the international order, and international political economy issues. On the strategic side, I work on Indian national security problems related to China, Pakistan, terrorism as well as conceptual issues around intelligence analysis. I often try to derive policy insights from realist theories of international politics, quantitative methods, and game theory. I also have professional experience as a policy economist.

My career trajectory thus far has spanned academia, the corporate world, and public policy. It has included past positions as the resident Economist at the JustJobs Network, as a Scientist at the TCS CTO Quantitative Finance Group, and as Visiting Faculty at the Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar. (A relic of my short-lived attempt to play “Herr Professor” is my sufficiently-staid long-defunct website.)

I have written about geopolitics, security, and economic issues for various media outlets — including ones that people actually read. I have also participated in a variety of Track 1.5 and Track 2 diplomatic dialogues, and have provided (solicited) policy inputs to the Government of India.


I obtained my BA and MS degrees in mathematics from the University of Connecticut — the former as a University Scholar. The University afforded me great opportunities to indulge in a variety of intellectual adventures (see here and a followup).

Following that, I spent a year at Boston University as a Presidential Fellow, mostly reading EGA by the Charles or marveling the august institution that was (is?) the People’s Republik. Some research had to be done, however, so I moved to Bonn to carry out my doctoral research in algebraic geometry, quantum field theory and string theory at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.

I am a recipient of a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellowship from the European Commission, and a special Junior Research Scholarship from the Clay Mathematics Institute. I was also a Scientific Researcher at the Fields Institute, Toronto. All three were — as with most of my academic career — great opportunities for unencumbered travel. I suspect I will remember the people and places long after I have forgotten the papers I wrote or the seminars I gave.


I try to keep up with mathematical physics — being paranoid that I’d forget whatever I learnt in school. I am (extremely) slowly studying aspects of general relativity. I am also an amateur astronomer though Delhi’s pollution and air quality often plays spoilsport.